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About us
Our major products are:Plastic Injection Moulding, OEM/ODM Plastic Injection Moulding,Custom Plastic Injection Moulding
tool any of precision mold per customer requested, run plastic parts for customers, we run many of fasteners, clips for computer fastener and
switches components.
Company has set up since 1997 years,
25 employees, we have 13 Plastic injection mould machine
running molding parts including insert mold.

We are running 3 shifts for
our molding machines.
We build 5 ~ 8 sets new
molds approx. for new
product each month.
We know that quality is most important between supplier and customer and our company do strict quality control, Year 2003 we start to work on ISO 900 quality assurance system. We are ISO 9001 certified company.

Our current customers are not only focus on the high quality requirements, but also the correct disposal to prevent or improve the situation once found any of component’s defect. We response to customer quality requirements, it attaches great importance to the factory of the process and quality control, all in order to meet customer demand led to the principle, and in order to enable our customers to be more satisfied with the quality of our company more sublimation, in response to changes in market information environment to give our customers the shortest time demand for our products to provide customers more satisfied product, the following is our basic information, we are sincerely looking forward your call and or come to teach!



Shyang Sheng is a Custom Plastic Injection Mold, Precision Plastic Injection Mold manufacturer. Supply any OEM/ODM plastic injection mold service in Taiwan. We are ISO 9001 certified company. Shyang Sheng supply custom Plastic Injection Mold Suitable for any kind of customers.
Welcome contact us Plastic Injection Mold, Custom Plastic Injection Mold, Precision Plastic Injection Mold.